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DLPAL Fully-functional trials

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Paid trial1

Strategy development

Three months

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Paid trial2

EOD price action scanner

Three months

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Free trial3

Long/short strategies

One month

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1. The DLPAL S trial offers basic full program functionality and unlimited support.

2 . The DLPAL DQ trial offers full program functionality and unlimited support.

3. Full program version available only to hedge funds for a limited trial.

In case you do not receive a reply from us, please contact us.

Main differences between DLPAL S, DLPAL DQ and DLPAL LS

DLPAL S will identify strategies that fulfill the criteria specified on the search workspace in the whole history of a security, not only those, if any, which form as of the last bar. Only one security can be specified per search line.The program allows combining any or all of those strategies from the results into systems and generates code for the systems. It also generates code for each of strategies in the results if that is required. Traders who develop automated strategies choose DLPAL S.

DLPAL DQ will identify strategies that fulfill the criteria specified on a scan workspace as of the last bar in a historical data file only. The user can specify a directory per scan line and the program will scan all the files for strategies that fulfill the criteria as of the last bar. The user can also specify only one file from the directory. The program can generate code for the individual strategies in case the user wants to test them in other platforms. Discretionary traders who like to take into account other indicators too and choose the signals themselves use DLPAL DQ.

DLPAL LS calculates directional probabilities and features for any number of securities as of the last bar in data files and also historical values as of each bar in historical data files. This program is suitable for developing long/short strategies.

Online demos

We can assist you with software setup and provide a demo online

Contact us for more details and requirements.

Terms and conditions

Your email address will be added to our database and you may receive promotional messages from Emailing us for a free trial constitutes direct acknowledgment of your express consent for receiving promotional emails. If you do not agree with this policy please do not provide your email address. We will never sell or rent email addresses to third parties.

You are granted a non-exclusive license to use one copy of the software program (the "Software") on a single computer terminal for a limited evaluation period and in accordance to the terms and conditions of the software license agreement. We recommend using the demo first to become familiar with the program. Please make sure that you have determined whether this program suits your needs before placing an order to purchase a license of the full program. Only one trial per customer is allowed.

DLPAL is a quantitative analysis tool. DLPAL will not create final systems for autotrading. The user of the software has to put the work necessary for developing a final trading system according to desired criteria and risk/reward objectives. Trading strategy development is a difficult and time-consuming task and success with it is not guaranteed. Read our disclaimer before ordering a license of DLPAL.

Program requirements (minimum configuration): 

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP or higher
Processor speed: Pentium III 400 or faster processor
Ram: 256 MB minimum
Hard disk free memory: 100 MB


Note that DLPAL must be installed from a user account with full administrative privileges. If any compatibility issues arise please contact us .

Please note: We reserve the right to deny selling a program license and to restrict access to this website or areas of it to any individual, organization or group at any time and at our own discretion. If you do not agree with this policy your are requested to leave immediately by closing your browser window or click here to be directed to Google


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