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DLPAL license options and pricing

Before ordering a license please use the demo to determine whether the program suits your needs. Note that there are no refunds and all purchases are final. All special offer will expire without prior notice. Click here for results of customer survey.

There are ttwo DLPAL licenses types: Personal and Professional/corporate. The purchase of a personal license by a corporation is not allowed. All license prices shown in table below are special offers that will expire without notice. All payments are made by bank transfer (see below.)

All prices below are for personal licenses. for professional licenses contact us for pricing and invoice1


 Annual Subscription

Lifetime License2

Unlimited license



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       Trading strategy development

DLPAL S Deep Add-on




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       EOD price action scanner



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       Hedge funds long/short

1 These are special offers and will expire without notice.
2 For details on difference between lifetime and unlimited licenses see below. Full credit towards upgrades to unlimited

Product comparison Table













   Feature engineering




   Feature history




   Max Feature sub-clusters

120 or 616 with Deep Add-on



   Max. Feature length

9 bars

6 bars


Difference between an unlimited and a lifetime license: An unlimited license is very different from a lifetime license. Lifetime license users receive support for as long as the company is in operation. In the case of company or product termination, the lifetime license user will not be able to get a new password for reinstalling the software if a computer fails or needs to be replaced. On the other hand, unlimited license holders can use the same password since the license does not lock to specific hardware configuration. Lifetime licenses allow only one copy of the program to run and they are locked to hardware/software configuration. Unlimited licenses allow multiple instances on multiple machines to run and they are not locked

Payment: All payments are made by bank transfer. This is the most widely accepted method of payment between counter-parties around the world. We do not accept credit cards because of security issues and fraud. Although the majority of our customers are legitimate buyers, occasionally there is fraud, i.e., someone using a stolen credit card to purchase our software. When this happens, the card owner files with his bank an unauthorized purchase claim and then we have loads of paperwork to do and that can take several weeks via email and on the phone, imposing significant burden on our company. We have been in business many years and we are a reputable seller. We guarantee delivery of purchased software to the customer.

Delivery: The software is available via download from this website only. We do not mail CDs or any other printed material. The full program manual is also included in the downloadable version. Before an upgrade to full paid version is made, the demo must be installed. Click here to download the demo version.

Upgrades to lifetime license: Anytime before a trial expiration a customer can upgrade to lifetime. If the license has already expired, then the customer does not get any credit.

Software Learning curve: It may take several weeks on the average to learn how to use DLPAL effectively depending on experience and available time to spend. Users must be willing to work with the software and learn it by actually using it. Reading the manual before starting to work with the program is highly recommended.

Scope: DLPAL is a quantitative analysis tool. DLPAL will not create final systems for autotrading. The user of the software has to put the work necessary for developing a final trading system according to desired criteria and risk/reward objectives. Trading strategy development is a difficult and time-consuming task and success with it is not guaranteed. Read our disclaimer before ordering a license of DLPAL.

Availability notice:  All available products will be terminated when the maximum number of licenses sold is reached or at any time without notice. Regarding international sales please see availability note below. We do not currently accept customers from locations in this list . In some international locations we only sell licenses valid for one year. Contact us for details.

Terms and conditions

You are granted a nonexclusive license to use one copy of DLPAL on a single computer terminal to the extent permitted by your payment of applicable license fees.

Backup copies: There is a charge of $500 for personal license backup installations. Corporate license backups are offered at a 20% discount.

Password replacements: In case of computer replacement or reformatting of hard disk, a new password will be issued. In certain cases we may request a license removal code. If there are frequent requests for a new password a charge may apply.

Download file recovery: Customers are responsible for keeping a copy of their downloaded setup file in case it is need to reinstall the program. For security reasons we do not keep copies of setup files after they are downloaded by the customer. A fee will be charged to recover program setup files.

Refunds: All sales are FINAL and no refunds will be made on any purchase. No refunds are given for lease cancellations or under any circumstances and there is no exception. There is no money-back guarantee offered with any purchase. We recommend using the demo version first to become familiar with the program and to determine if it suits your needs before placing an order. The demo version is a full functional product except for code generation and System Tracking. Before placing an order all customers are kindly requested to read our Disclaimer.

Upgrade policy: License upgrades will not be made if there are less than 90 days to license expiration. A license with less than 90 days to expiration must be first renewed for a period of at least one year to qualify for an upgrade.

Technical support: Technical support is available via e-mail. We do not provide support over the phone. Support is strictly limited to program functions and will not deal with general issues related to trading system development and analysis, workspace parameter selection and settings, etc.

Program requirements (minimum configuration): 

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP or higher
Processor speed: Pentium III 400 or faster processor
Ram: 256 MB minimum
Hard disk free memory: 100 MB




Terms and Conditions

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