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DLPAL Multiple Instance License

Advantages of a multiple instance license:

  • You can run multiple instances of the program on the same computer to take advantage of multiple CPU cores*
  • Search times can be reduced significantly depending on number of cores available.

*You can install DLPAL in as many different directories as you like (For example, in c:\DLPAL 1, c:\DLPAL 2, c:\DLPAL 3, etc.). The only restriction is that each instance of the program when it runs must NOT share data files from the same directory with any other instance. You will need to make copies of data files in the local  \Data directories.

Recommended steps

DLPAL evaluates the performance of all strategies in the whole data file specified regardless of the Test Sample Size. If there are n cores available then one can create n different files manually or by using the File Sample Creation tool, each reduced by a number of bars equal to successive (File Sample Size)/n bars. For example, if one wants to search for SPYstrategies, instead of specifying 500 bars for the Test Sample Size and running one instance of the program one may create two data files, one with the full in-sample and the other reduced by 250 bars and run two instances of the program, each with identical workspaces other than the selected data file but with 250 Bars specified as the test Sample Size. After the results are obtained, the following must be done:

1. Merge all n results files (This function is available in File Maintenance under Search Files | Search Workspace.
2. Save the distinct strategies.
3. Evaluate all strategies on the full search sample (Use the Test Strategies Tool)
4. Remove those strategies that do not satisfy the original criteria and save a new file

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