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DLPAL Unlimited Licenses

Advantages of the unlimited license:

  • Licenses have no restrictions (applies to DLPAL S, DLPAL DQ and DLPAL LS)
  • Password does not depend on the machine configuration and never expires
  • The unlimited license users can install multiple copies of the program on any number of computers they own.
  • User can run multiple instances of the program on the same computer to take advantage of multiple CPU cores*
  • No risk of not been able to renew the license in case the developer ceases operations or product is sold to another company

*The user can install DLPAL in different directories (For example, in c:\DLPAL 1, c:\DLPAL 2, c:\DLPAL 3, etc.). The only restriction is that each instance of the program when it runs must NOT share data files from the same directory with any other instance. The user will need to make copies of data files in the local  \Data directory or in other distinct directories for each running instance. Click here for more details.

Steps for obtaining an unlimited license*:

1. Email us a scanned copy of a utility bill (electricity, water, heating, no mobile phones.).
2. Wait for approval notice. If you are approved, you will receive a copy of the agreement.
3. Review the agreement, sign it and return it by fax or email after you scan it.
4. Initiate a wire transfer in the amount specified in the agreement according to instructions provided.
5. After your payment clears you will receive detailed instructions on how to download the program files and obtain your password.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Terms: The unlimited license requires input of a "key" (password) only once the first time the program is installed. This password does not change depending on computer hardware/software configuration, it is provided to the customer upon purchase and it is the same for all future installations on machines that are XP/Vista/ 7/8/10 compatible. Customers with an unlimited license can install as many instances of the program the like on any number of computers they own at any time without contacting us. This type of license allows many instances of the program to run on the same computer and at the same time. This can allow running searches on the same data with different T/S files using a different CPU core but it will not result in faster searches using a single T/S file. For example, if a machine has a 4-core processor, 4 different searches may run simultaneously with different T/S files using 4 different installations of the program.

FAQ: What is the difference between an unlimited  license and a lifetime license?

An unlimited license is very different from a lifetime license. Lifetime license users receive support for as long as the company is in operation. In the case of company termination, the lifetime license user will not be able to get a new password for reinstalling the software if a computer fails or needs to be replaced. On the other hand, unlimited license holders can use the same password since the license does not lock to specific hardware configurations.


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